Tips For Application For Canada PR VISA

Desiring to apply for Canadian permanent residency? We’ve gathered helpful tips to make your application a successful one.

How Can You Prepare a Canadian Permanent Residency Application?

Before you apply for any type of Canadian permanent residency, ensure you follow all the tips which we will discuss in this article.

1. Know The Programs You Are Eligible For

There are various programs available in Canada to obtain your permanent residency based on your qualifications, nationality, etc.

You need to research the one that is right for you before you apply, so your application won’t get declined.

There are some permanent resident programs, which are based on first-come and first-served, which means the earlier you apply boosts your chances of get approved for permanent residence.

Do you know the right program for you? If not, it’s time for you to research the right program, you can drop a comment in the comment box if you need some assistance.

2. Seek Guidance From Experts

Experts are those who already know the in and out of  Canadian permanent residency visas.

There are a lot of experts whom you can contact for guidance. They will put you on the step-by-step process you needed to follow to ensure the success of your permanent residency application.

3. Get The Right Documents Ahead Of Your Application

Before you will be asked for documents, make sure you have all the documents ready, to avoid unnecessary stress.

There are some documents that take months before you obtain them, and this may make you lose your application, an example is the police report.

4. Double-Check Your Application

Mistakes are inevitable, double-check your application to make sure everything is in place.

There are instances whereby applications get rejected for visa applications because of some errors which they didn’t take enough of their time to go through. This is why I advised you to go through your application again, to minimize risk.

5. Follow your checklist

For Canada permanent residency, you won’t be provided with a single checklist. Please endeavor you follow all the checklist, to maximize your chances of having your permanent residency approved.

6. Have A Complete And Accurate Application

Before your application will get considered, your application has to be complete and accurate.

Do not falsify any result, make sure all the results that you provided belong to you. During your application, some of the provided documents were found not to be yours, your application will be nullified and you may be denied of ever applying again, and this is one reason why it’s advisable for you to be truthful with all the documents that will be provided.

7. Keep Expiry Date In Mind

While you prepare documents for your permanent residency, bear in mind that the documents do expire, and if you provide expired results, your application won’t be considered.

Hence, while you prepare documents ensure that all the documents you provided are up to date.

The below are documents which you are to ensure are up to date.

  • Passport
  • Work permit/study permit
  • Bank statements
  • Police background checks
  • Language test results
  • Invitation to apply
  • Medical assessment

8. Don’t Attempt To Lie During Your Permanent Residency Application

There is no need to lie to obtain your Canadian permanent residency, as you will eventually be caught if you Attempt it.

Be truthful throughout your application, as this is the only way to have your permanent residency application approved.

9. Ensure To Have Copies Of Your Document

It’s important for you to have copies of your documents, Incase it gets missing.

The best option is that you have electronic copies of all your documents in your Gmail, so you can be able to access it at any time and anywhere.

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