Job Categories

Personal assistant, Legal secretary, Business development manager, Receptionist, Purchasing manager, Human resources adviser, Manager, Company secretary, Administrative assistant, Business analyst, etc.

Agricultural engineer, Animal care worker, Dog trainer, Farm manager/supervisor, Farm worker, Fish farm worker, Forest worker, Gardener, Geoscientist, Greenkeeper, Landscaper, Pest control technician, Rural surveyor, Veterinary nurse, Veterinary surgeon, Zookeeper, etc.

Architect, Bricklayer, Building surveyor, Carpenter, Civil engineer, Construction manager, Construction labourers, Land surveyor, Painter and decorator, Plasterer, Plumber, Quantity surveyor, Road worker, Roofer, Scaffolder, Water treatment worker, etc.

App developer, Web developer, Software developer, Games developer, Programmer, Database administrator, Audio-visual technician, CAD technician, Computer service and repair technician, DevSecOps developer, Game designer, IT support technician, IT project trainer or analyst, Machine learning engineer, Network manager, Robotics engineer, Web editor, etc.

Animator, Fashion designer, Photographer, Interior designer, Costume designer, Art gallery curator, Blacksmith, Cabinet maker, Furniture designer, Graphic designer, Illustrator, Jewelry designer-maker, Tattooist, User experience (UX) designer, Watch or clock repairer, etc.

Careers adviser, Classroom assistant, Early years teacher, Teacher, Training manager, Training officer, Childhood instructor, etc.

Cleaner, Window cleaner, Caretaker, Facilities manager, Highways cleaner, Locksmith, Recycling operative, Refuse collector, etc.

Accountant, Accounts assistant, Bank manager, Bookkeeper, Credit manager, Finance analyst Economist, Financial adviser, Insurance officer, Investment analyst, etc.

Dental hygienist, Medical Doctor, Nurse, Midwife, Psychologist, Dentist, Pharmacist, Surgeon, Physiotherapist, Optometrist, Ambulance worker, etc.

Travel agent, Hotel manager, Hotel receptionist, Hotel porter, Baker, Restaurant manager, Kitchen manager, Kitchen assistant, Cook, Chef, Cake decorator, Housekeeper, Housekeeping assistant, Airline customer service agent, Air cabin crew, Tourist guide, etc.

Butcher, Production manager, Quality assurance officer, Tailor, Sewing machinist, Wood machinist, Brewery worker, Food packaging operative, Quality control technician, etc.

Advertising copywriter, Market research executive, Advertising account planner, Marketing manager, Newspaper or magazine editor, Newspaper journalist, etc.

Printing administrator, 3D Printing specialist, Bookbinder, Copy editor, Image consultant, Machine printer, Writer, etc.

Bookseller, Retail manager, Visual merchandiser, Call centre operator, Estate agent, Sales representative, Sales manager, Sales assistant, Customer service adviser, etc.

Biochemist, Microbiologist, Physicist, Botanist, Data scientist, Data analyst, Microbiologist, Astronaut, Officer Laboratory technician, Biomedical scientist, etc.

Nanny, Care support worker, Welfare rights officer, Social worker, Early years practitioner, Care home practitioner, Childminder, Playworker, Welfare rights officer, etc.

Truck drivers, Taxi driver, Airport baggage handler, Freight forwarder, Warehouse operative, Forklift truck operator, Large goods vehicle driver, Train driver, Bus or coach driver, Pilot, etc.